What would you do if the hospital computer screen went blank?

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Imagine being in the hospital, and all of a sudden all of your medical information was gone?  Imagine going to the hospital, and they no longer had any of the information from your prior visits, procedures, surgeries.  Not only can this happen…it did.  This California hospital was cyber attacked -http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/02/hackers-are-holding-a-hospitals-patient-data-ransom/463008/

At FootprintID we want to make sure you are in charge of your information, and can always have access to it.  We believe in self-advocacy, empowerment and provide a consumer-centric tool to help you, your family, your employees or anyone you wish  manage and maintain their health information.  We help provide peace of mind knowing that our information is always at our fingertips!

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