What our college intern wished she had packed with her when leaving for college…(by Kelly Egan)



The transition from high school to college is both exciting and nerve-racking. It is the first time many students are living on their own in a new environment where they do not know anyone. They are worried about making friends, finding their way around campus and starting this new chapter away from home. What many students do not think about in this transition is what to do if they get sick or hurt. As a first year student, I learned about this early on. Entering college as a student athlete on the women’s soccer team was an exciting experience for me. We arrived on campus two weeks prior to the other students for preseason. After those two weeks I found my group of friends on my team and felt completely comfortable with campus. I was ready for the rest of the students to arrive and to start classes in my new home.

The night prior to classes we had our last double session of preseason and a team lift. At the team lift we were learning our new workout plan for the season so it was fairly light. I was sitting on a bench and got up to start my workout, when I tripped and fell backwards onto my right wrist. I have never broken a bone prior to this but I knew right away the pain was not good. I was taken to the hospital to get x-rays. When I got there I panicked, this was my first time at a new doctor alone without my mom. I immediately called my mom hysterically crying, not knowing how to fill out any of the paperwork. I was unable to write since I am a righty so a friend I just met on my team talked on the phone with my mom and filled out all of my paperwork. Once I was in the room I was overwhelmed with questions, which I did not know most of the answers. The nurses were asking me about vaccinations, allergies to medicines and other information I could not recall.

As I reflect back on this day, I realize how beneficial it would be to have my digital health records. Prior to this day, I never thought about what I would do in a health emergency. The idea behind FootprintId is to keep families medical records together digitally so in case of emergency they are at the touch of a button. For Parents it is reassuring that no matter where your child is, they can have access to their medical records in case of emergency. As for a college student like myself, it is reassuring to know that filling out medical forms can be done correctly without my mom’s guidance.


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