Are you traveling this summer? What will you take in your suitcase?

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Most of us fall into one of the following categories. The group that makes a packing list two weeks in advance and the group that is still throwing things into the suitcase as they are walking out the door.

In both cases, if you are packing for the beach, you will make sure to bring your sunscreen. If you are packing for a ski trip you will remember your winter coat. The thing that most people forget to take with them can be the most critical. The health history and medical information of themselves and their family.

Vacations are awesome. They take us away from our “routine” and allow us time to do what we enjoy. Whether we take a road trip, relax on a beach, hike in the mountains, sightsee or go on an adventure, the goal is to relax and decompress.

But what happens when things don’t go as planned? Someone doesn’t feel well, gets hurt, or worse has a critical health emergency. Having your medical history available immediately accessible can make the difference in the care and treatment you get, especially when you are being treated by a doctor in another town, state or country. At times it can literally be a lifesaver!

FootprintID® can help you make sure this information is always available to you, your health care providers, loved ones and anyone that you want to have access. Even miles and oceans away.

Knowledge is Power, Access is Possible, Being Prepared is Priceless!

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