The Gift That Remembers For You!


As we approach the biggest gift giving time of the year, we can all agree that the most special gifts to give and receive are the ones that reflect the thought that was put into choosing them.


How about a gift that keeps on giving?  One that allows an individual to have the health and medical information of themselves and their loved ones at their fingertips?


As a mother it will forever be my job to worry and look after my family.  What if .11 cents a day could bring you peace of mind knowing that the gift you gave allows someone to access their health information any time of day from anywhere?


What better than giving those you love the gift of preparedness?  With your information all in one place during an emergency there is less chance of error.  It’s virtually impossible to remember everything during a crisis.  The ability to share the information across healthcare providers can reduce duplicate testing and can help prevent misdiagnosis by having your health footprint available in an instant. It’s safe and secure, and is a gift that can be lifesaving, stress reducing, cost saving, and time efficient.


Footprint ID is a portable personal health record that provides anytime, anywhere access to your medical records and other pertinent documents.  Just as you have “always” access to your financial information via a web portal or smart phone app, 24 hour a day customer service, and can manage multiple accounts under one user name, you can now do the same for you and your family’s most important health information and associated documents.

As part of many “Responsible Gift Giving Opportunities”, consider FootprintID® as you think about what can be meaningful to your family and friends this holiday season.



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