The EDGE in KnowlEDGE

As business owners we should all be able to answer the question- Why do we do what we do?  Every now and then we have a personal experience that validates our answers.


Recently my 81 year old father was visiting me.  He lost his balance, went down on a tile floor, and for a minute, which felt like an eternity, he was unresponsive.


We called the paramedics, and luckily by the time they arrived he was lucid.  That didn’t stop the questions from beginning.  Conditions, allergies, prescriptions etc?


My father, while healthy, suffers from many chronic conditions.  Diabetes, Colitis, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease.  As you can imagine the coordination of his care is in many doctor’s hands.


That night, we were lucky.  It turned out not to be anything serious.  BUT having easy access to the information they needed can be critical.  And in a more fragile moment, could save a life.  How could emergency responders know what would be safe to give him without knowing his other prescriptions (all 17 of them)?  How could they know if he was allergic to something?  And how could they possibly know of his conditions?


We think we remember everything- but I can attest to the fact that in crisis mode, it’s not so easy to recall the information.  What if he had been alone, or at work, on an airplane or really just about anywhere, and nobody knew his medical/health “footprint”?


We never know when we will find ourselves in a situation that requires our health and medical history…BUT when we do, the knowlEDGE of that information gives us an EDGE!


FootprintID- Always access to your medical and health information, whenever and wherever you are!



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