Staying safe while visiting your family-By Zoe Zashin


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I always love when my younger cousins come to visit and it is always a fun packed week!  Our entire family goes nonstop from one activity to the next.  But……sometimes things do not go according to plan…


While my cousins were visiting last summer, my younger cousin got a rash. My aunt and uncle were not with us, so my cousin’s health quickly became my mom’s responsibility.

Immediately we took my cousin to the doctor’s office to be checked out.  My mom kept calling my aunt about the medical information that needed to be filled out on the patient forms, as well as for any additional information that would be helpful to the doctor treating her. There certainly were a lot of back and forth phone calls! It turned out that my cousin’s rash was nothing very serious. However, if my family had FootprintID, my aunt could have easily shared my cousin’s medical information with my mom and the doctor. This would have resulted in less frantic back and forth phone calls and my mom would have been prepared to handle this situation (and future ones when they visit us in a few weeks!)



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