Mother Nature- What If You Had To Be Out Of Your Home In 5 Minutes?

We all know Mother Nature has taken the phrase “ a mind of her own” to a whole new level the last number of years.

While we all pray never to be the victims of a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or one of the many other devastating natural disasters that wreak havoc, we must be prepared.

In an emergency and under stress we all have difficulty remembering things that we believe are written into our memory. What would you take with you if you had 5 minutes to leave your home? Would you remember your medications and your medical records- would you know where to easily locate them?

Thinking back to Hurricane Sandy, which hit close to home, I recall the stories of great humanity that others showed the victims. Many went to help with the daunting clean up task. Supplies were sent in droves- food, clothing, medication, whatever was needed.

However, enormous struggles remained. While medication and healthcare was available to the victims, how did the healthcare providers know how to treat any given person? I’ve spoken with Emergency Personnel who worked tirelessly within the shelters that were set up, and one of the major issues they were faced with was “people do not remember the names and dosages of their medications”. In addition to medication, there were many who could not articulate or share the accurate details of prior or ongoing health conditions.

Being empowered with the medical information and health history of yourself and your loved ones can be critical, and a natural disaster is just one example of when the need can arrive without warning or notice.

FootprintID® helps you manage and maintain this information so it is always with you and you are always prepared! The information is available to you or whomever you authorize, with or without an Internet connection.


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