Making The Most Of Your Doctor’s Visit! By Erica Paris

October is a busy month with lots of activities going on but for me it’s my month of checkups. I choose October because I still have plenty of time before my yearly benefits run out and all the appointment time slots are taken. Now that my children are settled into school and activities and I can focus on my physical health. If I am not in good health then how will I take care of my family?

We recently changed health care providers and so I have spent the last few weeks doing my homework of finding out who is covered under my new plan and collecting the appropriate paperwork to make my transition as seamless as possible. Having FootprintID on my phone provides me easy access to my medical history and will make this month of appointments much easier.

Here are some tips to make the most of your next doctor visit:

1. Be punctual!

This will give you plenty of time to check in and have your vitals taken before your appointment time giving you as much time with the doctor as possible

2. Write your questions down

It’s too easy to forget if you rely on memory alone. Writing them down also helps prioritize what to ask first. Store them on your smart phone for instant access or upload them to FootprintID so you can reference for later

3. Be Honest

You should not be embarrassed to talk about anything with your doctor. Actually, leaving out details or lying to your doctor can be bad for your health because it affects your care, so tell your doctor everything. Honesty is definitely the best policy — especially for your health.

4. Share your family history

Be sure your family history is up-to-date. Share any changes or new conditions of your family members with your doctor. Your family history is a very important tool for predicting your risk for disease.
Uploading and saving this to FootprintID gives you access to this information 24
hours a day from anywhere.

Erica Paris 10/12/15

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