Keep your Halloween extra safe this year!

Six children in costumes trick or treating at woman's house

Halloween is a fun holiday for some but for those who have peanut and tree nut allergies can be a parent’s biggest nightmare come true. Be sure to have emergency epinephrine on hand just in case your child eats something they shouldn’t. In the event of an emergency be sure to have your child’s medical information on hand. Uploading and saving this information to FootprintID provides easy access 24 hours a day from anywhere.

Follow our tips to ensure a safe Halloween night for everyone!

1. B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pumpkin)
Join the kids and carry your own jack-o-lantern or fun themed bucket. Fill it with snacks and candy that are safe for your little ones to eat. If candy being offered isn’t safe, have your child say “no thank you” and move on to another house.

2. Hold a candy swap when you get home from trick-or-treating
Have children trade their safe candy for candy your other child might not be able to eat. Or you can trade allergy-free candy and age appropriate items, such as a stuffed animal or coloring book, to exchange with your child.

3. Read Labels Carefully
Just because a candy doesn’t contain milk, soy, wheat, nuts or peanuts doesn’t mean it’s safe to eat. Hard candies may be manufactured at plants that have these airborne allergens. Gelatin and food additives can also spur reactions in those that are allergic. Even if you know a candy doesn’t contain an allergen and isn’t processed at a plant that contains allergens, it can be bagged with other candies that are.

4. Start New Traditions
If trick-or-treating still has you worried, try starting a new tradition. Start a Halloween scavenger hunt around the neighborhood or stay in and play Halloween themed games. Seeing a scary movie or going out to dinner can be a fun way to spend the evening as well.

5. Play Switch Witch
The Switch Witch needs all the candy your children aren’t going to eat (aka unsafe candy) to heat her home. In return she leaves toys, games, and other favorite non-food items of children. The Switch Witch also donates some of the candy she takes to operation gratitude

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