How I Keep My Family Safe In An Emergency

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Emergencies are bound to happen, especially when you have children. They get hurt often, at least in my house. I have a rowdy bunch. My boys especially. The last emergency we had required 6 stitches on my sons forehead. Not fun!

In the event of an emergency you need to remember a bunch of medical information for the doctors or paramedics. All that important items you tend to forget like, medical conditions, allergies, prescriptions, emergency contacts and health history.

It’s vital information but I know I can’t keep track of all that stuff, especially when I’m in a state of panic.

Ways to keep my family safe in an emergency is extremely important. Mom’s can’t be everywhere all the time.

FootprintID can keep all of that important information securely for you. It’s an electronic health record that allows you to manage and more importantly share your medical information with anyone that needs it. It remembers for you and takes the burden off of you trying to remember everything.

With FootprintID you won’t lose a single critical moment in a highly stressed emergency ever again! Even when you are not around to be there when the emergency happens, FootprintID ® is. Keeping our loved ones protected all the time.

When you register you can gain online access within minutes. Update all your medical information……

You can keep all of your known allergies, medication and chronic illness care records. It even can keep all images such as EKG’s and CT scans.

You can download the FootprintID Smartphone App on your iPhone or Android for quick and easy access. You will also receive a membership card and bag tag for each member you have. This gives the information to the first responders to access that persons history, in the event they are alone.

As a mom this gives me the peace of mind by being able to keep my family safe in an emergency situation.

The cost for the membership is $40 for the first year and an additional $30 per family member. Well worth it to keep my family safe in the event of an emergency.

Written by Jenn….More Than A Mom of Three
Disclosure: This is a sponsored program with Mums The Word Network and FootprintID. All opinions are my own.

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