Is your child leaving for college this fall? Add this to your list of “things” to explain before they fly the nest! By: Zoe Zashin



Starting college is a hectic time for any student. Everyone is adjusting to a new environment, accepting new roles, and becoming more self-sufficient. In the past, my parents took care of my doctor’s appointments and medical information. It was not until college that I was allocated the responsibility of handling this information. At first, I was overwhelmed about everything health related that came my way. Slowly, I became more accustomed to keeping track of my medical information and making sure it was organized and up to date. When I gained this responsibility, it was vital for me to accept the role as a knowledgeable patient. This required me to increase my awareness of not only my medical history, but also my family’s. Had I known about FootprintID earlier, this would have alleviated the process.

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