I wish I had known back then…

About three years ago I woke up one morning with sharp shooting pain in my hip and lower back.   I was in trouble when I was unable to walk down our stairs or comfortably get in the car to take the children to school.  A few Motrin and several phone calls later I was off to have my primary care doctor check out my injury.  Our insurance at the time required  a referral and authorization before being allowed to see a specialist.
Lucky for me my then practice had a sub-division with a sports injury practice and I was able to quickly get an appointment that afternoon.  The office manager at my doctor’s office had an in with the insurance company to quickly grant me permission.  Did I mention I had left the house so fast I didn’t have my wallet with me containing my insurance card?
I quickly drove across town to get another opinion.  It completely escaped my mind to ask the doctor for a copy of my x-rays and prognosis .
No sooner had I been shown to my room did they send me for more images and then back to wait for a technician to read them.  Almost 2 hours passed before the doctor came in.  There was a problem with the machine that day and so I was bumped so that the doctor could see other patients while we waited.  When the x-ray was finally ready I was diagnosed with a pulled hip flexor and prescribed pain medicine and 12 weeks of physical therapy.
I could have saved everyone time by asking for the images prior to my second appointment.  Everything happened so fast that I just wanted to make it home on time for the school bus.  A few weeks later I earned I could have also saved money by not needed more images.
It would have also helped my physical therapist to have had copies of all of these images and doctor’s notes along with my prescription.  Had I known Footprint ID existed it would have been the perfect solution.

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