How you can make your babysitter’s job less stressful this summer by Kelly Egan

As a college student who is home for summer vacation eager to make money, I have decided to take on the role as a babysitter and driver for several families in town. My role for these children is to watch them while their parents are out of the house and drive them to and from sports and other activities. As their babysitter I am essentially responsible for the safety and health of these children while their parents are not home. I am to make sure that as I take them to their countless summer activities that they are safe in my car. I also have to limit any accidents that may happen while they are on my watch. Although, I personally have not had an experience where a child I am watching has been hurt, I know that there is a possibility of something happening. In any situation that regards these children’s health, FootprintID can be very useful. If anything was to happen I would be prepared with their medical information by having their FootprintID login. If the parents could not get to where we were right away I would be able to provide the majority of their health information to the health care provider by using the FootprintID portal.babysit_700

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