Summer Camp Is Around The Corner- Have You Submitted Your Medical Forms Yet?

Have you ever struggled to get your child’s immunization schedule from the doctor at the last minute? Physicians’ offices get backed up, they charge you fees—and they make you wait!

With FootprintID®, you don’t ever have to worry about that again. You can keep your family’s immunization records at your fingertips at all times. For the cost of 2 -3 forms filled out by the doctor, once, each family member can have a membership that provides so much more. And, next year, you can fill out those medical forms yourself, without making a trip to the doctor’s office to drop them off, wait and pick them up a few weeks later. NOTE: Most camp medical forms do not require having a doctor fill them out.

Manage and maintain emergency contacts, allergies, conditions, family history, medications and documents, such as: lab reports, test results, doctor’s notes, EKG’s, CT scans and Advanced Directives and much more—it’s a Digital Health Record in Your Pocket.

Jamie G said, “My pediatrician charges $10 per form per child, and I have three children…and by the time I send my forms in, the wait can be up to two weeks. My family became FootprintID members, and now I will never have to worry about that again. And, the cost was nominal. I feel so much better having my family’s heath records and medical information always available to me.”

Check out FootprintID® at Have questions?  Help is available 24 hours a day at 1-855-374-3411 or via email at:

FootprintID® helps you keep all of your medical records in one place, quickly access your health information when needed and share your records with emergency responders, physicians, family members and friends. It’s like having a health record in your pocket! FOOTPRINTID® is a personal portable health record that helps you quickly access your information via a secure web portal and mobile app.

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